Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Since day 1 of the Jose Mourinho regime at my favorite club team, Internazionale of Milan Italy, I have been skeptical.

Sure I know of his outstanding resume, but Inter is a different kind of place. Something in the makeup of the club will not let it be a big giant superstar like their neighbor AC Milan, who is beloved world wide. Generally speaking, most people in Italy despise Inter no matter how much they succeed, while the rest of the world doesn't really seem to care either way.

Yeah I know Inter has won 3 consecutive Serie A titles, but those have all been tainted by the Calciopoli scandal that swept aside the rivals. So the amassed Scudetto's don't really bring fans like me the joy that comes with winning it all.

And let's not go on too long without thinking of the team's yearly Champions League failure. Ugh. Which bring us to the real reason why Mourinho was hired, and how he will be completely judged in his time at Inter. [This paragraph has been updated since the original posting]

Today Inter goes to Old Trafford stadium in Manchester England to take on the Red Devils, with the aggregate score tied at zeros. No one is giving the blue & black a chance to go through. I know I am not confident.

If Mourinho fails to take the club past the defending champs (and leading favorites to win it again), and in to the Quarterfinals, then I think he is done as the coach. And in the amazing case where he takes it to the promised land I somehow think he is gone too. The smell of mercenary is in the air.

So this is really the whole pie. Right here.

Jeffrey Marcus of the New York Times takes us directly to the man himself to try and demystify him a bit, or mystify him more, I'm not sure which, on the morning of this big game.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mourinho has won the Portuguese Championship twice, the English Premier League twice, The Cup of Portugal, Enlish FA Cup, UEFA Cup, and the Champions League, in addition to smaller trophies, like the Italian Super Cup, FA Community Shield, and the League Cup.

He doesn't need Inter to win the Champions League – though it would be great for both the club and he… he only needs Inter though to add to his trophy list. If he does leave, expect him to win the Spanish Premier League in the 2009-10 season. He wants to show success in each major soccer nation.

3:21 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

Of course you are completely right Ben.

What I meant to emphasize is that the Champions League is how Mourinho will be judged at Inter, certainly not for his career.

Thanks for adding your 2 cents. I appreciate it, and I am going to update my original statement.

8:25 AM  

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