Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So today it was announced that something called the World Football Challenge will be coming to a sports stadium near you this summer. Inter Milan, AC Milan, Chelsea and Club America will participate. I'm sure this is exciting news to lots of folks and that the stadiums will be packed with fans pining to see the best footballers in the world. Personally I couldn't give a damn.

Doesn't this just further exacerbate the perception that MLS (and USL, for that matter) is an inferior product unworthy of your support? Is it really that exciting to have the opportunity to watch meaningless matches featuring out-of-shape players? Could you imagine a more insufferable assemblage of Europhile poseurs?

I'd rather support my local club. That's the only way soccer will continue to grow in this country.



Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Call me a sucker, but my buddy Travis wants to go watch Club America vs. AC Milan in July, so I think I'm going ... In all fairness, I don't have really have a "local club" to support

8:29 AM  

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