Friday, March 06, 2009

The spectacular turd that Montreal laid last night -- giving up four second half goals, including two in stoppage time, to lose 5-4 on aggregate to Santos Laguna -- kind of puts a damper on the USL jubilation. But it's still been one helluva run for a league generally viewed as MLS's physically challenged kid sister. While the Houston Dynamo, D.C. United and their ilk continue to get humiliated by Mexican opposition year after year after miserable year, the USL squads served notice that they're not to be taken lightly (even with the woeful likes of Adam Braz suiting up). Luis Bueno crunches the rather remarkable CONCACAF Champions League numbers over at SI:

• Overall, only two leagues had a combined winning percentage of more than .500 -- the Mexican league (.634) and the USL (.600).

• Only the Mexican league (17) and the USL (10) combined for double-digit victories.

• MLS clubs combined for an overall record of 2-10-6, which amounts to a .222 winning percentage.

• With twice as many teams in the tournament, MLS had one-fifth the amount of wins as the USL.

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