Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MLS Standings Week 2
6 Seattle
6 Chivas USA
4 Chicago
4 Toronto
4 New England
3 Colorado
3 San Jose
2 DC
2 Columbus
1 Los Angeles
1 New York
1 Houston
0 Kansas City
0 Salt Lake
0 Dallas

MLS Schedule Week 3
-Thu Apr 2
Salt Lake v Columbus - 8pm Central on ESPN2
-Sat Apr 4
Toronto v Seattle - 3pm Central on FSC
New England v Dallas - 6:30pm Central on Direct Kick
DC v Houston - 6:30 pm Central on Direct Kick
Los Angeles v Colorado - 9:30pm Central on Direct Kick
-Sun Apr 5
Chicago v New York - 2pm Central on TeleFutura
Kansas City v San Jose - 2pm Central on Direct Kick
Chivas USA v Columbus - 7pm Central on Direct Kick


The Week 2 Attendance looks fairly horrifying.
4 teams had their season home openers, and all had a terrible number:
Columbus - 14,686
DC - 15,895
New York - 12,462
Colorado - 11,885
Just disgusting.
Then we had:
San Jose - 9,177 – if this town is so soccer crazy and just HAD to have the team back then why can’t they sell out a tiny venue that only holds 10,300 – you people suck.
And then there is this nightmare:
Dallas - 6,524 – a brutal crowd for their 2nd home game of the season. What is really wrong in Dallas? Besides the low IQ’s and all.

Average of those 6 games - 11,772

Luckily we get to add in:
Seattle - 28,548 - their 2nd home game ever was another huge success.

And we end with a still sad average of - 14,168


The wildest game action of last weekend was San Jose v Houston which ended 3-2 with all 5 goals being scored in a 14 minute span at the end of the first half! And on top of that all 5 were very nice looking goals!
30th min - Ryan Johnson - SJ
33rd min - Arturo Alvarez - SJ
34th min - Chris Wondolowski - HOU
36th min - Brad Davis - HOU
44th min - Cam Weaver – SJ
See what all you no shows missed out on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought.. the "you people suck" towards San Jose fans.. I would imagine anyone in the Bay Area that is reading this site was probably at the game.

4:09 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

then they should have all brought more friends

9:02 AM  
Anonymous bq said...

I think you have to totally discount attendance's this weekend that were played during the US National team game.

The idiocy of MLS in insisting on playing at the same time is just beyond words. Over and over in this country, we seem to fight against each other both at the state level and the national level when it comes to soccer. When will the powers in charge start to realize that we all need to support each other to grow the sport in this country and not compete against each other. Name another country in the world were their first division league plays while the National team is playing a WC Qualifier.

By scheduling no other games, including youth game, you are sending a signal to ever soccer fan in the country, this is the most important soccer event going on at the moment. Nothing ranks higher. In doing that, you elevate the level of the National Team and every youth player in the country then realizes, that the highest thing to aspire to in soccer is your national team.

When will we get it right?

9:33 AM  

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