Friday, March 27, 2009

Jonathan Wilson of the Guardian writes a fantastic in-depth article about the importance of fullbacks in the modern game. This guy is one of the best football writers working today.

I think USA fans should take this very seriously and notice that of all the positions on the field, this is our teams weakest spot.

On that note, I have to continue my campaign to get DaMarcus Beasley installed at left fullback for the national team. He can defend individually as well as anyone on the team, and no one is going to get past him to the endline. Not to mention the strong attacking option he would make. Hell, I'd switch him and Heath Pearce right now. Pearce can put a nice ball into the box, but doesn't have the speed to quell other teams speedy wingers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

DMB at left back, I like it!

3:32 PM  

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