Thursday, March 26, 2009

Montero = Ruiz

Where will Seattle's Fredy Montero sit in the history books when the season ends?
One person we could compare him to would be Guatemalan forward Carlos Ruiz who joined the Los Angeles Galaxy for the 2002 season.
I think it will be very tough for Montero to beat that season.
El Pescadito had 24 goals in 26 games, plus winning MLS Cup with the games only goal. Will anyone ever top that first season?
You never know. It is exciting to see a guy of Montero's age join the league with such high expectations.


The Claudio Lopez Factor

On the drive down to KC last weekend we were talking about MLS players that could have a break-out season. My pick was Claudio Lopez of the Wizards.
Lopez has the potential to lead his team like Guillermo Barros Schelotto led Columbus last season. With his finely honed qualities on the ball, plus that wily old veteran mentality, I think he can do it.
Hilariously, based on what we saw in Week 1 though, that will not happen. While Lopez was really active and went the full 90 (good signs), we also saw him take many free & corner kicks that simply did not deliver the goods, even once. You could tell the fans in the stands were getting really frustrated by all the missed opportunities.
But for now I am sticking with my pick, and just maybe what we saw late in the game could be foreshadowing.
Here is the scenario that gave me hope, as I saw it unfold:
Fellow Argentine Santiago Hirsig was brought in to the game, and along with Lopez teamed up with Davy Arnaud to cause a ton of havoc just outside the penalty box. All 3 guys were switching positions on the field, moving the ball at brisk pace from sideline to sideline misshaping the TFC defense, which ended with Hirsig setting up Arnaud for his second dive-bomber goal of the game.
Does Lopez have what it takes? Will he raise this team to the top of the pile? Stay tuned.

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