Monday, April 06, 2009

Let’s start off with my notes from the weekend in MLS:

-Great to see Steve Ralston back on the field for New England. One of my all time fave players. And was it any surprise that the team was considerably better after he came into the game as a sub on Saturday.

-New England won the game on a very questionable PK. I always ask the question - If that incident took place in the middle of the field would it have been called a foul? Doubtful.

-Sainey Nyassi gets my vote for goal of the week. After watching the clip you do want to ask announcer Greg Lalas, "Is there something else that cannonballs get shot out of that we don't know about?" And why did Dallas keeper Ray Burse do the limbo under the ball.

-How can Dallas expect their defense to improve if they change their back 4 every single week? Let 'em play Schellas! Give 'em some time to get it going on their own. They can't do any worse. This whole team stinks.

-FCD has 2 goals in 3 games. Both scored by Kenny Cooper, who is the Landon Donovan of Dallas.

-That was the worst TFC home performance I have ever seen. Even in Season 1 when they were terrible it was nearly impossible to get a win at BMO Field. Not this week for Seattle. Toronto's offense, while obviously upgraded in the off-season, was undermined again by that terrible defense that the team has still done nothing to fix. Sure they have got new players back there, but do you really think Kevin Harmes and Yahoo Serious are better than Marco Velez and Tyron Marshall? Absolutely not. And while Marvell Wynne is decent, Jim Brennan is still overrated.

-And there was TFC coach John Carver tearing the referees apart again. Has he considered doing the same to GM Mo Johnston over the quality of defenders he has at his disposal? I would think that would be a better use of his anger. Those amazing fans deserve one hell of a lot better.

-Damn, Seattle looked good. Real good. And I hate them. All those years of battling with my Minnesota Thunder in the First Division has built up a large back log of bile in my system. I was actually pulling for TFC to dismantle them.

-Conor Casey scored for Colorado just 16 second into the match in LA with a tap-in from Omar Cummings. Casey went on to record 2 more tap-ins later. 3 of the easiest goals you will ever see. Good for him.

-Landon Donovan set up two more LA teammates for nice goals. He is a great one. But it’s official, LA is as bad as last year. And I am certain that a drunken Riot Squad would be a better defense than what the Galaxy currently trot out there.

-Wow Tony Sanneh is slooooooooooooooow. Holy Extra Cheese Ravioli. And OLD! We could easily see LA start this back 4: Chris Klein, Gregg Berhalter, Tony Sanneh & Eddie Lewis. And by the time the 2009 season ends the combined age of those 4 will be 142. You can’t exaggerate that. Individually they will be 33, 36, 38 & 35.

-Dr Lillingston I presume? The oddly named Mexican forward, Eduardo Lillingston, scored for the 2nd game in a row for Chivas USA. Hooray, he is found!

-Luciano Emilio had a nice chip for DC's only goal in a win over Houston, who are now officially bad in defense. And Houston's attack is almost as impotent.

-Why was Houston coach Dominic Kinnear banned from the sideline this week?

-Jaime Moreno played about 5 minutes for DCU and gets a very questionable Red Card. Did he deserve it?

-KC gave their newest Argentine Santiago Hirsig his first start. I like his style. Way better than that guy they had the last two years, whose name I have already forgotten.

-Claudio Lopez scored a fantastic goal for KC off a nice long feed from Herculez.

-The stands in KC were nearly empty. It was rainy and cold. Isn't that what warm coats and rain ponchos are for?

-Too bad the folks watching that game at home saw a TV production that looked like Cable Access. Wow it was poor. The main camera was constantly obscured by rain. Don't they plan for this stuff.

-Finally, who can tell us what is wrong with following players that they are not on the field?
Edson Buddle
Mauricio Castro
Maykel Galindo
Matt Pickens
Ante Razov
Taylor Twellman


MLS Week 3 Scores:
-Thu Apr 2
Salt Lake 4-1 Columbus
-Sat Apr 4
Toronto 0-2 Seattle
New England 2-1 Dallas
DC 1-0 Houston
Los Angeles 2-3 Colorado
-Sun Apr 5
Chicago 1-0 New York
Kansas City 2-0 San Jose
Chivas USA 2-1 Columbus

Week 3 Standings
7 Chicago +3
7 New England +2
5 DC
4 Toronto
3 Kansas City
2 Columbus (4 played)
1 New York

9 Seattle +7
9 Chivas USA +4
6 Colorado
3 Salt Lake +1 (2 played)
3 San Jose -2
1 Los Angeles -1 (2 played)
1 Houston -2
0 Dallas


Javier Aguirre, welcome back to CONCACAF. Prepare to suffer!


The general consensus is that the USA U20 team was drawn into the toughest group in the U20 World Cup.

The tournament is held in late Sept to mid Oct in Egypt.

Group C Stage Matches
-Sat Sep 26
USA v Germany - 9:00am Central - in As Suways aka Suez
-Tue Sep 29
USA v South Korea - 11:45am Central - in As Suways
-Fri Oct 2
USA v Cameroon - 11:45am Central - in As Suways

Here's the full match schedule.


My favorite team Inter Milan played like crap again this weekend, but managed to win on the road via an own goal, and see 2nd place Juve held to a draw, which extends their lead at the top to 9 points with only 8 games to play. The two teams meet on the 18th in Torino. 3rd place Milan is 14 back.

And one of the supposed star players, the Brazilian Adriano, has gone off the deep end for the last time at Inter. He was seen partying in Brazil during the international break last week and then did not report back to the club afterward. He is very talented but they have given him 20 chances to grow and get healthy. He has failed.


With 8 games left in Germany I doubt things could be much tighter for the 4 teams at the top of the Bundesliga.

51 Wolfsburg
51 Hamburg
49 Hertha
48 Bayern

Wolfsburg ripped Bayern 5-1 this weekend to take the lead. Wow.

Surprising Hoffenheim who lead the league at the midway point have fallen 7 points back to 6th place without leading scorer Vedad Ibisevic who had 18 at the break (still good enough for #2 in the league), but blew out his knee to knock him out for the season.


UEFA & CONCACAF Champions League matches on Tue & Wed:

UCL Quarterfinal 1st Leg Matches:
-Tue Apr 7
Villarreal v Arsenal
Manchester United v Porto
-Wed Apr 8
Liverpeople v Chelsea
Barcelona v Bayern Munich

CCL Semifinal 2nd Leg Matches:
-Tue Apr 7
Cruz Azul v Puerto Rico (0-2)
-Wed Apr 8
Atlante v Santos Laguna (1-1)


Blogger Sean said...

With wind-chill, it was 19 degrees in Kansas City for the match. I don't the rain ponchos will do much for that.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Demko said...

That Kc tv production was awesomely hilarious. I got kind of nauseous from the shaking cameras. Claudio Lopez was excellent.

3:47 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i agree sean

thats why i said "Isn't that was warm coats and rain ponchos are for?"

dont argue with me using half my sentences

4:52 PM  
Blogger Mister Zero said...

Guess the new Nike USA uniforms rumor was incorrect? FCD attendance sucks, but FCD got jobbed in New England on a crap call - watch the replay.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I guess I should be more specific. A warm coat isn't going to fix anything either. I commented re: San Jose's attendance a week or two ago as well, and I think we just have different theories about crowds.

I don't think it should be the fans' job to recruit. That's the front offices job.

The fact is that soccer does not have a strong enough following in many of the MLS markets for weather to not be a factor. I understand that, for example, Seattle would still probably sell out in that kind of weather, but unfortunately, years of mediocrity combined with a lack of effort from the front office has many markets significantly worse off than where they should be.

So, instead of harping on the fans, why isn't more directed toward the front offices of the KCs, SJs, Dallas', and Colorados of the league?

5:45 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

Sean said: "why isn't more directed toward the front offices of the KCs, SJs, Dallas', and Colorados of the league?"

Now we're talking. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Nathan Henderson-James said...

Edson Buddle - injured since pre-season.

Maykel Galindo - still recovering from surgery

Ante Razov - still recovering from surgery

Don't know about the rest.

10:57 AM  
Blogger prairie said...

Castro: Hamstring, had a setback last week
Teabag: Lingering neck problems from slamming into Cronin last August, was jogging pregame on Saturday

12:46 PM  
Blogger pecochran said...

I thought Moreno's was a leg-breaker. That was pretty dangerous, and I agreed with the red. Dema's was worse though, and I think it was Columbus that had a terrible one as well.

1:28 PM  
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