Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The reign of Olympique Lyonnais aka Lyon in the French Ligue 1 could be over. The team has won 7 consecutive league titles, but for the first time in many years they find themselves out of the lead this late in the season. Last weekend saw Lyon held to a 2-2 tie at home by Monaco, while Marseille, the new number 1, thrashing Grenoble at home 4-1.


Steve Davis at ESPN Soccernet gives us 10 things of note from last week in MLS. Always great reading.


Our good pal Luis Bueno at Sports Illustrated sits down to a Q & A session with none other than Jose Mourinho. They talk Inter, England, and European football as only Jose can.


Manchester United players take up 5 of 6 nominees for EPL Player Of The Year. What a joke. Paul Doyle of the Guardian says so too. And he goes so far as to say the best player in England this year isn't even on the list.


So it looks like RSL is about to resign striker Fabian "back flips & ruined ankles for nothing" Espindola. I like that guy, and when healthy think he could be a top goal scorer in MLS. He left at the end of last year when his contract expired. My guess is that he thought he was worth a lot more money. So he went out into the real world where no one offered him jack squat. So he came back to Salt Lake, and probably had to take a pay cut to get the job. You win some you lose some.

[NOTICE: My explanation for Espindola leaving was fraudulent. There is a great note in the comments section from Allez RSL that explains it perfectly. Thanks.]


The rumor mill says that new Mexicoach Javier Aguirre loves the country so much that he is going to live in Miami.


UEFA Champs League Quarterfinals
Second Leg Matches (with First Leg scores included):
-Tue Apr 14
Chelsea v Liverpool (3-1)
Bayern Munich v Barcelona (0-4)
-Wed Apr 15
Porto v Manchester United (2-2)
Arsenal v Villarreal (1-1)

-Away goals is the first tie breaker. If still tied they go to Extra Time, then Penalty Kicks.


Anonymous Allez RSL said...


Fabian Espindola left when his loan deal expired. RSL was asked by his contract owner (whoever that is/was) to either buy out his contract or say goodbye. RSL couldn't buy out Espindola's contract after already having bought out contracts for Olave and Javier Morales this season, since transfer fees apparently come out of the salary cap.

The details of how Espy was routed back to RSL are explained better than I can manage here.

Love your stuff, Bruce. Thanks for the hard work.

9:32 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

Thank you Allez RSL!

11:45 AM  
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