Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I am having a good thought for all the people in Italy who's lives were destroyed by the earthquake yesterday.


Steve Davis at ESPN Soccernet gives us his 10 notes from the past week in MLS.


Brutal NY defense again costs them a goal, and a loss to 10 man Chicago. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Can someone remind me how they got to the final last year??


To these eyes that was not a Red Card offense committed by John Thorrington of Chicago on Saturday. The player was too far from goal, and another defender was closing fast from the left. Very bad call. Then the referee hands out a Yellow Card to NY's Dane Richards for a flying elbow to the head of a Chicago player. I guess he would have had to draw blood or knock the guy out to get Red on that one. The lack of consistency makes me nuts.


Did you see that fantastic goal by Grafite of Wolfsburg. The Woofs tore apart Bayern Munich 5-1 last weekend, and Grafite's backheel goal was one of the sly-est I have EVER seen. He beat no less than 4 defenders and the keeper in the box! I looooooooooove this goal.


Bruce Arena has totally lost his mind if this one happens - 35 year old Italian striker Bobo Vieri is in LA. Nooooooooo. And this is coming from me, an Inter fan. This just can't be true. But here it is from Gazzetta.


Conor Casey of Colorado was named MLS Player of the Week. I don't know about that. Sure he scored 3 goals, but they could not have been easier. On 2 of them he didn't even have to do anything but tap them in. Robbie Findley of RSL gets my vote, even though his hat-trick was partly due to a coupla William Hesmer jokes. I just found Findley's more exciting. Oh, forget it. Casey it is.


Huge Congrats go out to Peter Wilt and his WPS team Chicago Red Stars for winning their first ever game - on the road in St Louis 0-1. And more congrats to all of WPS for the launch of Year 1.


Nice feature on the Puerto Rico Islanders in today's New York Times. Are you cheering for them tonight in the CCL?


I like Shalrie Joseph. He is a funny guy with a vid cam in his hands. See if you can understand more than 50 words he says. And Wells Thompson - shows us his Duck Calls CD. I'm not shitting you.


US Open Cup qualifying game tonight:
Los Angeles Galaxy v Colorado Rapids


Every MLS game is on Saturday this week.


Bora takes the wheel of the Iraqi company truck?!?!



One of my readers, Sean, suggested that instead of harping on fans in MLS cities for the low attendance that I scream at the teams themselves.

Fair enough.

Hey front offices of Kansas City, Columbus, Colorado, Dallas, Chivas USA, San Jose and New England - you guys are an embarrassment to soccer in America. Get your act together or go home.

It's obvious that some of you take your soccer team as your 2nd or 3rd priority (Revs are a second thought to the Pats, Raps are a third to the Avs and Nugs, Quakes are second to the A's, Chivas are a second to the real Goats in Mexico, FCD and the Crew are second to the Chiefs, and then there is KC, what's your excuse). So when the new boys of Toronto, Seattle, Philly, Vancouver & Portland roll in and make you look like complete fools then it's time to get real or walk away.


Sell the team to owners who are going to go for the jugular. Spend some real money to get a real coach and real players, then advertise your team like a Major League team, not some little family picnic event.

Maybe hire someone to lead your marketing charge that is not a corporate lackey with "experience".

And how about some honesty to go with it. Tell your fans what you are really doing, not what you think they want to hear. That goes for you too Galaxy.

And while we are at it, how about you people in the League Office. You should take the boots to these idiots. Give them one season to shape up or else. They are the anchor around the neck of soccer in America. Time to cut loose the dead weight.

And start spending some of that SUM money on the league itself too. We all know its rolling in.

Thanks to Sean for firing me up.

P.S. And you people at US Soccer better get your act together too. Nashville was a good job. Now let's see you take it up a few notches. We're watching.


Blogger Lightning Striker said...

welcome back, Brucio ... glad to see your juices boiling (rant at Front Offices).

I know the toll that duNord took with the daily rigor, and I am very happy to read your wit and commentary on the beautiful game.

Peace and futbol to all.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Bruce!!

Regarding Chivas USA, until Vergara and Cue sell their shares (because Lord knows they won't spend $$$) and we get our own stadium outside of LA (like OC, the Valley,), things won't change much.

It's a good thing they have the Union Ultras.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Erik said...

no relegation/promotion = MLS doomed to have crappy teams. Montreal Expos anyone... no thanks

8:21 PM  
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