Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I used to have a cat named Bunky. He was a renowned killer of lizards and rabbits. When I lived in Fort Lauderdale, he would often show up in my bed with a lizard, still very much alive, clutched between his teeth. In the eighteen months I lived in South Florida, he reduced the lizard population by at least several score.

Bunky's killing days were disrupted when I moved to the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis in 2000. Save the odd mouse or cockroach there just wasn't much to prey on in the building, and going outside from my third-floor apartment wasn't really an option.

But when I moved to Frogtown a year later Bunky was back in the hunt. A few years back he discovered a warren of baby rabbits in my next door neighbor's yard. It was a full on bunny genocide.

One night I came home, semi-stumbling drunk, and let Bunky in the front door. After flipping the lights on, I discovered that he had an animal clenched between his teeth. It was a baby rabbit -- and it was very much alive. I howled, out of a combination of surprise and fear, causing Bunky to drop the foul beast on the porch.

The terrified baby bunny then began careening around the house like Lionel Messi on crystal meth. I eventually isolated him in the kitchen and closed the doors. I then picked up the scoop from Bunky's litter box and drunkenly lurched after the animal. After about ten minutes of this absurd pursuit I succeeded in scooping up the tiny beast and flinging him out the back door. To this day there is perhaps a bunny with a severe case of post-traumatic-stress disorder roaming around Frogtown.

But Bunky is now dead. He keeled over from a heart attack more than a year ago. And I've undoubtedly got one pissed off bunny population -- still recovering from the Great Bunny Genocide of 2005 -- ready to decimate my garden.

So yesterday I constructed a (hopefully) rabbit-proof fence:

I was quite proud of this achievement. Until a friend (whom I'd coerced into coming over to marvel at my ingenuity) pointed out that I'd put the damn thing in upside down. The larger holes, which a baby rabbit could quite easily step through, were supposed to go at the top. Which anyone with half an ounce of common sense would have realized.

So we flipped it over and pounded the stakes back in. The fence got a little mangled in the process. But hopefully it will be sufficient to keep Bigwig and his ilk out of my garden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Bunky cat was the Anikan Skywalker of cats. You sure he is dead and not roaming the woods in a black helmet?

2:14 PM  
Blogger Patrick. said...

The garden looks likes it is shaping up nicely even if the plants do agree with that. Thanks for the update I've been curious how the great garden project of '09 was progressing. Looking forward to more posts

10:20 AM  
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