Monday, May 11, 2009

I used to have a gardner, Tom, but he moved to Idaho. He'd grown bored with gardening. Instead he wanted to shoot off guns in the great outdoors. Apparently Idaho has a very permissive climate for this sort of activity.

So for the last three years I've had a patch of grass-less land in my backyard where Tom the Gardner used to work the soil. I've made a few false starts at growing some vegetables there myself, but mostly it's been a 15' x 15' thicket of horticultural mayhem.

This year, however, given the dust-bowl economy, I've vowed to make a serious attempt at gardening. At some point, inevitably, this project will run off the rails. And I'll be back to curating the Frogtown Rain Forest in my backyard. But for now, ready for planting, it looks reasonably respectable:

Despite my best attempt to sabotage the collective effort, Bunky County won its third straight match yesterday. The ineptitude of my performance was truly staggering, but somehow we survived.