Monday, June 08, 2009

Overheard on the 16 bus last evening: "You got tits and ass and you're Asian? How does that work?"

The Confederations Cup roster is set. Notable absence: Pablo Mastroeni. Looks like Ricardo Clark and Benny Feilhaber knocked him off the roster with very solid performances in the midfield Saturday night.

Toronto should never let Marco Velez on the field again. His performance Saturday was disgraceful. On L.A.'s first goal he just stands there and watches Alan Gordon put a free header in the back of the net. It appears the last thing on his mind is taking some action that might prevent a goal from being scored. Then Velez gets completely torched on the second goal and makes a half-hearted effort to chase down Edson Buddle. Sucking is semi-understandable. There's plenty of woeful players in MLS (and most of them seem to play for the Toronto backline!), but not even bothering to put up a semblance of effort?