Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Bundesliga starts tomorrow. Which is awesome. But one coach has (hilariously) already gotten the sack. That would be Mainz 05 boss man Jorn Andersen. Sounds like he pulled a full-on Brian Clough. From Raphael Honigstein's marvelous Bundesliga preview:

Andersen, if dressing-room whispers are to be believed, had behaved increasingly erratic in recent weeks. He banned all family photos from lockers in order that players should "concentrate properly", spent more time golfing than on the training pitch and had turned into a bit of a caricature dictator.

Then there's this hilarious bit about jihad and Schalke:

A few days ago, a couple of Turkish newspapers somewhat belatedly discovered a curious passage in S04's club song that has been sung in Gelsenkirchen since 1963. "Muhammad was a prophet who doesn't understand football," the fans chant every week before kick-off, "but out of all the beautiful colours, he chose blue and white." (It barely rhymes in German, in case you wondered) "Out of thin air" (Frankfurter Rundschau), Schalke have received more than 200 threatening emails that demand an end to this practice. "Jihad on Schalke," wrote Süddeutsche Zeitung about a wave of protest that has been taken serious enough by the club to get the police and federal authorities involved. An expert in Islamic theology has also been consulted.


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