Monday, August 03, 2009

So last night I walked down to the Speedy Mart to purchase some coffee. It was roughly 8 p.m., the sun just starting to go down. As I arrived back home the kids that moved in next door a couple of months ago were pedaling their tricycles on the sidewalk in front of my house. I chatted with them briefly about their leisure activities and then was going to head into my house. But the little girl seemed to be having quite a difficult time pushing the pedals on her tricycle. So I helped push her along back towards her house.

Seeing this some dude who'd been hanging out with the young girl's mom, about 20 feet down the sidewalk, came rushing up to me. He glared at me and said he didn't want some "strange man" pushing his daughter's tricycle. Naturally I felt like telling him to fuck off, but instead I just laughed and walked into my house. The girl's mom then explained to this dude that I live there. Maybe if he spent a little more time at the house where his daughter lives he'd be aware of that fact. Then again, I probably shouldn't be hanging out with kids.