Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More about that flaming turd of a "crowd" that Dallas drew last weekend. As you may recall, all of 6,524 souls bothered to show up to see their team take on the Goats. How pitiful is that figure compared to lamely attended MLS matches historically?

Glad you asked. There was exactly one match during the entire 2008 season that featured a smaller announced crowd: 5,221 for Chicago v. New England in October at Gillette Stadium. (Presumably it was cold and miserable, and that reduced New England's already putrid attendance.)

Back in 2007 the honor for worst-attended match went to Kansas City v. Colorado at Arrowhead Stadium. But even that undoubtedly memorable affair drew 500 more fans (7,101) than Dallas got through the gates on Sunday.

Dare we go back to 2006? We are fearless. There were seven matches that season seen by fewer than 6,524 people, including three in the month of July alone. Most remarkably, Colorado hosted a playoff game against Dallas that attracted just 4,176 paying customers.

We'll stop now. We're afraid to go back to the Tampa Bay Mutiny days.



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